Here are the bikes that we currently have available for rent:
We have two nicely equiped late model KLR650s available for rent. Both come standard with heated hand grips, 12 volt recepticals, full skid plates and crash bars, side bars for mounting saddle bags, rear racks, and hand protectors. These bikes are an excellent choice for those who are looking to ride about 80% street and 20% easier trails. Of course, it all depends on the rider's skill level and the KLR can be taken into more extreme trail conditions, but sometimes the weight and the soft suspension can be the limiting factor for your off road adventures on this bike.
We also have two DR650s available. Both of these bikes come with heated grips, hand guards, 12 volt power recepticals, full skid plates, larger gas tanks, rear racks and side saddle bag racks. The DR650 has a bit better power and suspension than the KLR and it is also not as heavy. So, the DR is more dirt capable than the KLR (of course as stated before, the rider's skill level will have a lot to do with where you can take any of these bikes). I would say that this bike would appeal to the rider looking for 50% road and 50% trails.
Two XT250s are available for rent. Both have hand guards, skid plates and rear luggage racks. This bike will appeal to the rider looking for a lower seat height, friendly usuable power and lower weight.
Our fleet also has available a Husqvarna TE450. The TE450 has upgraded suspension, a larger gas tank, hand guards and aftermarket exhaust for better performance. The power is strong and it pulls like a tractor. This bike will appeal to the rider who wants the lightest bike possible, and who is looking to ride 90% trails and only enough roads to get him/her to the next trail.
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KLR650 AND DR650 = $130 a day

XT250 = $120 a day

TE450 = $160 a day

KLX140L and TTR230 = $100 a day
Just added to the fleet are two pure off road bikes. No motorcycle endorsement is needed on these bikes.

One is a Yamaha TTR230 which has electric start and a 34 inch high seat height. The power is perfect for someone of average weight and height who doesn't want a bike as powerful as the TE450.

The other off road only bike is a Kawasaki KLX140L. This bike features an ultra low seat height, electric start and a super friendly power curve. This bike is perfect for a smaller sized person or a begginer rider.